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Lot's of Ohio Guitar Action Week of May 15, 2004

Besides our wonderful Ohio Fingerstyle Guitar Club Pickin' Party Weekend featuring Guest Pickers Julian Smith and Bob Saxton (click for review) this past week - there were several other guitar events of note that went on:

Buster B in Cinci

The brazen, irreverent, yet fabulous Buster B Jones put on a performance at Buddy Rogers Music in Cincinnati, Ohio on Wednesday, May 12th.  Several OFGC members were in attendance including a couple of us that made the trip from Columbus.  I know I over use the statement that Buster is.... well.... "being Buster."  Because, as was the case this night - most folks in the quaint sized audience had never seen Buster "live" - which is "alive!"  and, would have had no idea what I meant....  BUT, THEY DO, NOW... (lol)

He's brash, arrogant, irreverent (like I said), definitely a rebel "in his own mind," plays too damned 

loud, and misses a lot of his notes he was aiming at - all at breakneck speeds.  HOWEVER - underneath all that exterior "shield" there resides a very soft and sensitive musical talent that loves his music, people, performing, and passing his knowledge on to the next generation (probably why I admire him the most.)  Buster is a prolific song writer that has written a ton of great guitar music - and, most importantly, is single handedly responsible for taking Hubbard (Reed) style guitar to the next level...  AND, DEFINITELY WORTH A SEVERAL HOUR DRIVE TO SEE - ANYTIME HE IS IN YOUR AREA...

(Yep - the rumor is right:  I did get a "little tipsy" from a couple beers I had just before the concert - fell in love with a new Godin ACS electric nylon after Buster's concert - and, bought it on a whim.  (Thank goodness my wife doesn't read this web site...)  But, on a positive note - Buster gladly offered to set it up for me under the back door of my van out in the parking lot of the music store....  I think I had a great time... (lol)

Bill Dutcher & Jim Volk - Celebrate Their Second Anniversary "Extreme Acoustic" Concert (Columbus)

After the Buster B concert on Weds, I drove like crazy to get back to Columbus for the last part of this great concert.  It was just two years ago that both Bill and Jim kicked off the monthly "Extreme Acoustic" Concert series where Bill Dutcher hosts the concert and invites many great guitarists from around Ohio to join him for an evening of individual performances - with a grand finale jam of everybody at the end of every concert...  Which was made popular by Bill and Jim tearing the house down at their first concert... Which they did again this time...  I didn't catch much of the concert, but what I did was "vintage" Jim Volk and Bill Dutcher....  "Extremely" accomplished and exciting guitarists - both of them...

Richard Smith Opening for Somebody in Dayton???

Friday evening, May 14th, Richard Smith opened for some band at The Canal Street Tavern in Dayton, Ohio - where we've seen Richard many times before.  I've got my feelers out - but, I have no idea how this happened - or, who the unfortunate band was that he opened for... Well, actually I do - Canal Street's web site says it was the John Cowan Band with Pat Flynn.  I just hope Pat doesn't play guitar..... lol   (I'll let everybody know how it went when I get my feedback...)

Update 5/17/04 - I guess they were "somewhat" impressed with Richard at The Canal Street Tavern...  Here's a post from "Steve" out on the John Cowan Band website message board:"

"GREAT SHOW in Dayton last night!! With Passi not there, it was a toned down, more of a New Grass show. Everyone on stage was loose, joking, and played their butts off. The a capella "Jesus Gave Me Water(A Sam Cooke number)" was beautifull! Opening up was an English guy who now lives in Nasville, Richard Smith, finger picking extrodinaire!! So impressed was JCB that Mr. Smith was ask to play the majority of the second set. If you guys get a chance to see this champion finger picker YOU WILL BE AMAZED! I've seen JCB about 15 times now since '99, and I continue to be touched his friendliness, his bass playing, song selections and that beautifull voice of his....Steve, over and out..."

Palmer Moore - OFGC Organizer