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"For Sale"

This page is intended for non-commercial personal musical items for sale.  In an effort to keep SPAMMERS out of folks e-mail, please contact us at "Say Hello" to contact the seller of these items below.  

(Click on small pictures of the equipment below to get larger photo.)


AER Amplifier - 2 channel - 40 watt - $650 (firm)

These are those fancy little portable amps that Tommy Emmanuel and Richard Smith use on stage.  The owner paid $700 a few years ago and, today, you can't find one on eBay for less than $899.  It is in perfect playing shape.  The foam cover over the speaker has been removed due to a small rip, but the metal grill is still in place protecting the speaker. Also, the zipper on the case is not working, but it came from the factory that way.  All in all - this would be a "players" amp - a really good amp.


1968 Deluxe Reverb (re-issue) Amp (2 years old) - $700

FenderAmp-Carpenter-1.JPG (1660131 bytes) FenderAmp-Carpenter-2.JPG (1210776 bytes) FenderAmp-Carpenter-3.JPG (2701125 bytes)

I purchased this amplifier 2 years ago from the Guitar Center in Columbus, Ohio.  It is the 1968 re-issue.  It has point to point wiring on the tube sockets to isolate the circuit board from tube generated heat.  It also features the "drip edge" grill treatment, I believe that was only on Fender amps for a year or two.  The amp outfit includes a protective cover with the "Fender" trademark and a two button foot switch for reverb and vibrato.  There is not a mark on the amp and it truly looks better than some of the open box stock at the store.  
On this model fender made some modifications in the design by allowing the reverb to function on both channels.  Additionally the custom channel (formerly normal) was redesigned with the tone configuration of the '59 Bassman  amp, giving you two distinct voices in a single amp.  This amp has only been played at home and at the Tuesday night jam sessions at the OFGC.  That is the equivalent of "only driven on Sundays"
The Sweetwater "free shipping" price for a new one is $1049.00.  The internet used prices range from $800-$900 in excellent condition.  My price for this outfit is $700.00 for a local pick-up only.


1996 Gibson Country Gentleman - $2,400  SOLD!

Excellent in every way. OHSC gold pick ups some tarnish other hardware excellent condition. Dark cherry finish. Would consider a trade for equal value electric acoustic. 

GunnCG1 (2).JPG (651389 bytes) GunnCG1 (3).JPG (621614 bytes) GunnCG1 (4).JPG (656510 bytes) GunnCG1 (5).JPG (504456 bytes) GunnCG1 (6).JPG (530146 bytes)
GunnCG1 (7).JPG (509661 bytes) GunnCG1 (8).JPG (530398 bytes) GunnCG1 (9).JPG (542649 bytes) GunnCG1 (10).JPG (687346 bytes) GunnCG1.JPG (616407 bytes)


Langejans RGC6 2012 - Bearclaw Spruce and Rosewood SOLD!
One of the last 12 - Langejans made - serial 1410
MAKE ME AN OFFER - PRICE REDUCED! Handmade Del Langejans RGC6 - Bearclaw
Spruce top with Rosewood back and sides.  Serial on the guitar is 1410, and 
per Alice Langejans who ran the office for the luthier Del Langejans, it's
one of the last dozen that Del made before retiring in 2012.  Absolutely
mint condition.  Has custom bearclaw spruce, blue paua, flamed maple
binding, LR Baggs Element sys, zero feet, extra wide fingerboard paired with
deep bout, high-end Ameritage case.  As good or better as any Olson or Ryan
you'll find.  Super low action and set up for fingerstyle.  I fell in love
with these guitars when I heard Phil Keaggy play on them.  Then I tried one
several years ago that had been traded in at Guitar Center and I was hooked.
That one was priced at $5999.99 and it didn't even have the custom bearclaw
spruce top.  The value on this one will likely go up and up.  

Here are all specs:
Langejans Custom RGC-6 Guitar
15 ½” lower bout
Indian Rosewood Back, sides and neck
Bearclaw Spruce top
Sharp Cutaway
Blue Paua Rosette
B/W/B Cello Wood Purfling top only
1 7/8 nut
Zero fret
Strap peg in heel
LR Baggs Stage Pro Pickup
Ebony Bridge
Fingerboard dot inlays
Gotoh super 510 tuners Gold W/Ebony Buttons
Paduk back inlay strip
langejansrgc6-pic2.jpg (370057 bytes) langejansrgc6-pic3.jpg (217413 bytes) langejansrgc6-pic4.jpg (189317 bytes) 
langejansrgc6-pic6.jpg (242178 bytes) langejansrgc6-pic7.jpg (236239 bytes) langejansrgc6-pic5.jpg (331941 bytes)


JD Norman - Collection

Gretsch - Super Chet - 7690 - 1 13/16" - $2,890  SOLD!

This was JD's first Super Chet and was used as his "main playing" guitar for most of his life.  Around 2000 he retired it stating that he "didn't want to risk taking it out."  He replaced it with a newer model Super Chet - that is no longer in his Collection.

JD-SuperChet2.JPG (3106051 bytes) JD-SuperChet-incase.JPG (3087208 bytes) JD-SuperChet-back.JPG (429157 bytes) JD-SuperChet-head.JPG (359114 bytes) JD-SuperChet-headbk.JPG (388161 bytes)
JD-SuperChet-incase.JPG (508669 bytes) JD-SuperChet-incase2.JPG (453795 bytes) JD-SuperChet-case.JPG (558801 bytes) JD-SuperChet-incase2 (2).JPG (537675 bytes)

Taylor - 414-CE-L7 - $900- 1 3/4"   SOLD!

JD-Taylor414-1.JPG (397820 bytes) JD-Taylor414-2.JPG (451910 bytes) JD-Taylor414-back.JPG (385401 bytes) JD-Taylor414-case.JPG (459962 bytes) JD-Taylor414-case2.JPG (495169 bytes)

Taylor - 612-CE - $1,500 - 1 3/4"  SOLD!

JD-Taylor612.JPG (408311 bytes) JD-Taylor612-2.JPG (386078 bytes) JD-Taylor612-back.JPG (418407 bytes) JD-Taylor612-head.JPG (356119 bytes) JD-Taylor612-side.JPG (436926 bytes)
JD-Taylor612-case.JPG (443831 bytes) JD-Taylor612-case2.JPG (550241 bytes)

Larivee - 30th Anniversary Limited Edition - 1 3/4" - make offer above $1,600  (This might be ROSEWOOD!)

JD-Larivee.JPG (425560 bytes) JD-Larivee-back.JPG (423480 bytes) JD-Larivee-close.JPG (436957 bytes) JD-Larivee-side.JPG (458009 bytes) JD-Larivee-head.JPG (382719 bytes)
JD-Larivee-case.JPG (501456 bytes) JD-Larivee-case2.JPG (549429 bytes)

Heritage - Golden Eagle - A5B - 1 3/4" - make offer above $1,600  SOLD!

JD-Heritage-back.JPG (460768 bytes) JD-HeritageGE.JPG (469046 bytes) JD-HeritageGE-close.JPG (507431 bytes) JD-HeritageGE-head.JPG (361033 bytes) JD-HeritageGE-headback.JPG (385710 bytes)
JD-HeritageGE-case.JPG (456030 bytes) JD-HeritageGE-case2.JPG (498451 bytes)


Ray Cummins' Nylon Electric McCullough Guitar - $1,200

Ray has played this guitar on many concerts and TV shows.  Call Ray with a firm offer:  
859 384 4729



1970 Delvecchio Resonator Guitar - best offer  SOLD! 

BuhoveckeyDelvecio5.JPG (2409983 bytes) BuhoveckeyDelvecio4.JPG (2407647 bytes) BuhoveckeyDelvecio3.JPG (2721644 bytes) BuhoveckeyDelvecio2.JPG (3159741 bytes) BuhoveckeyDelvecio1.JPG (2769113 bytes)

This guitar has a couple of modifications; An AKG acoustic microphone was installed and the lead comes through the front of the guitar near the bridge and through the rim of the pan area. It does not interfere with the pan or the bridge. Also, there is a 3inch x 3 inch square that was cut out of the back of the instrument many years ago for some other modification. It was put back on but is not flush. Other than that, all parts are original. The guitar features laminated rosewood body, mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, wood bindings, 2 fret slot head neck and of course the resonator system. I also have some extra pans for it. Gruhn Guitars appraised the instrument at $1000 and stated that the modifications reduce the collector's appeal and monetary value but it would still make a fine utility instrument.


Crestwood 2020 Classical (approx 40 years old) - best offer  SOLD!  (Palmer bought it for a hundred bucks just to say he's got a classical guitar.)

Shuter1.jpg (49709 bytes)  Shuter2.jpg (46983 bytes) 

Original owner.  Spruce & redwood. Serial number 266.  Great starter guitar for serious youngsters.


McCullough Nylon Electric - Ray Cummins Model - $1.500 + shipping

RayCummins1.jpg (75794 bytes)


Chet Atkins Appreciation Society 2007 Convention Signature Guitar -       $ Best Offer $    SOLD!

DSCN4085.JPG (1029885 bytes) DSCN4086.JPG (1027732 bytes) DSCN4087.JPG (1006469 bytes) DSCN4088.JPG (1045504 bytes)
DSCN4089.JPG (983484 bytes) DSCN4090.JPG (1028851 bytes) DSCN4091.JPG (1039388 bytes) DSCN4092.JPG (972896 bytes)

Signatures:  Tommy Emmanuel, Doyle Dykes, Richard Smith, Paul Yandell, Buster B Jones, Thom Bresh, Tommy Flint, Joe Edwards, Nokie Edwards, Guy Van Duser, Frank Vignola, Joscho Stephan, John Knowles, Muriel Anderson, Robert Anderson, Wesely Crider, Steve Rector, Duck Baker, John Standefer, Pat Kirtley, Julian Smith, Richard Kiser, and Mark Pritcher.

This OSP DC-22 (w/ hard shell case) was originally donated to our Ohio Fingerstyle Guitar Club by member and guitar dealer, Bill Arthur, to raise money for the club.  Club organizer, Palmer Moore, took it to the 2007 CAAS Convention and asked a lot of the "stars" to sign the guitar in an attempt to add value to it.  Since then Bill has run into some difficult times financially and with health issues - so, we thought we would offer this guitar up for sale to help Bill out a little. 

This would be a wonderful keepsake for someone that can't make the CAAS conventions.


1943 Martin D-18 - REDUCED TO $7,000 TO SELL!!  SOLD! 

  MartinD18-frontfull2.jpg (357120 bytes)  MartinD18-frontcase.jpg (449948 bytes)  

MARTIN D-18 (1943) Serial Number 83229

Excellent condition.  No cracks or seam separations.  No loose, repaired, or broken braces.  Completely refinished including one repaired chip on the neck. Minor scratches on pick guard from use.  New strings.  All parts are believed to be original except three replaced pearl dot inlays. No logo on the headstock; No stability issues—no belly behind the bridge and no concavity between the bridge and sound hole.  Angle of neck to body is perfect—permits comfortable, easy playing with very low action.; No stability issues; Frets are excellent (probably replaced but not known when); Excellent playability with a low comfortable action in every fret position without buzzing; Exceptional tone. Original hard shell case on which the handle has been replaced.  Many pictures of the guitar can be viewed by opening the files below. Price: $20,000.REDUCED TO $7,000 TO SELL!!  


Very rare!   Peavey Jazz Classic 210 watt 15 BW speaker. Looks almost new. One of the best amps around. $ 350.00   SOLD!


Maestro Echoplex - S/N 19267 (70's?) - make reasonable offer above $300  SOLD!

Good working order with new Tubeplex tape

DSCN4007.JPG (630668 bytes) DSCN4019.JPG (1025402 bytes) DSCN4020.JPG (1033033 bytes) DSCN4021.JPG (1014788 bytes)

DSCN4022.JPG (950800 bytes) DSCN4023.JPG (1054238 bytes) DSCN4024.JPG (1016388 bytes)


1974 Gibson ES-345 - $3,100  SOLD!

Purchased new in 1975 and never played it. Both the case and the guitar are in excellent condition.  S/N 303166 

Arnies345.jpg (1159069 bytes) Arnies345b.jpg (1112005 bytes) Arnies345c.jpg (1050010 bytes) Arnies345d.jpg (1095847 bytes)


1962 Gretsch Country Gentleman - $3,500

Franks Guitars 013.jpg (63595 bytes) Franks Guitars 014.jpg (47836 bytes) Franks Guitars 015.jpg (70967 bytes) Franks Guitars 016.jpg (61724 bytes) Franks Guitars 017.jpg (64627 bytes) 

 Franks Guitars 019.jpg (54472 bytes) Franks Guitars 021.jpg (90521 bytes) Franks Guitars 023.jpg (81044 bytes) Franks Guitars 024.jpg (62831 bytes) Franks Guitars 027.jpg (82335 bytes)


2006 Gibson Country Gentleman - Make Offer SOLD! 

CrabtreeCG.jpg (22134 bytes)


2004 Gretsch Tennessee Rose - Make Offer (cash only)

Original owner. Alnico Filtertron pickups. 25 1/2" scale. Real F holes. Tone pot(not MUD switch). No zero fret. Excellent condition, playability and tone. Original hard shell case.

Rader-Gretch.jpg (220232 bytes) (click to enlarge)


1991 Gibson SST Steel String Chet Atkins Guitar - $1,500  SOLD!  (on eBay)

Signed by Chet, with a letter from the former owner to whom Chet gave the guitar to. It also has an appraisal from Gurhn for $1500 with no consideration given for the signature and history.

VanMeterSST2.JPG (330028 bytes)  VanMeterSST1.JPG (280510 bytes)  VanMeterSST3.JPG (313919 bytes)


Gibson Chet Atkins CE Solid Body Classical Electric Guitar - $1,200   SOLD!


Stamper-CE1.jpg (531966 bytes)   Stamper-CE2.jpg (161095 bytes)   Stamper-CE3.jpg (306141 bytes)   (click on pic to enlarge)


Martin flattop, ALternativeXT - aluminum top - $900.  SOLD!

Rauch-XT2.JPG (83626 bytes) Rauch-XT3.JPG (75438 bytes)  

Rauch-XT4.JPG (78812 bytes) Rauch-XT5.JPG (86336 bytes) Rauch-XT6.JPG (82124 bytes)


2000 Taylor 612-CE Acoustic w/ hard case - $1850.

  JD-Taylor-back-close.jpg (147886 bytes)     JD-Taylor-back.jpg (261830 bytes)  (Click on pics to enlarge...)

MusicMan Amp 210-HD 130 watt, 2 10" speakers - $550.  SOLD!


Gretsch 6120 at a good price for sale, $1600.


Fender Amp - Purchased 11-15-1983 Thorobreds. All tubes.$575.. Will have to work out shipping with lucky buyer.   SOLD!


Gretsch Nashville Classic 6122-1959. With both bigsby handles. swing arm installed. Case, wrench, etc. $1,800. or will consider offers.  REDUCED!!  $1,700...



Brand new Gretsch 6120. It is in great condition.  List price was around $2800, the street price is around $2,200 and the owner would like to get around $1,600. (Case, all papers, even original box, included)  Resides in Florida....   Click "Say Hello" for more information...



Send in pictures of your item for sale with a way that our visitors can get in touch with you to "Say Hello"