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Review of FJO's FIRST CD - "Sight Readin', Baby!"

It was brought to our attention by the ever watchful fan, Andy Thress, that SIX of our current band members were in the "first" FJO recording, "Sight Readin', Baby!": 
 (Circa 2001 playing at Becky's Columbus Music Hall)


FJO Band Roster - (circa 2001)
Saxes: Brian Coon, Art Silva, Jay Miglia, Andrew Waters, & Mark Donavan 
(playing baritone sax)

Trumpets: Eric Gimbel, Larry McWilliams, Kim Pensyl, Tim Purdue, Edwin Santiago

Trombones: Chris Cromley, Matt Ellis, John Hall, Bill England

Tuba: Kie Watkins

French Horns: Sarah Brown, Natalie Porreca

Piano: Mark Flugge
Guitar: Jeff Ludwig
Bass: Jeremy Laukhuf
Drums: Matt Crouse 
Here's a review of that CD written by Jack Bowers on  
(This is the type of "content" we were hoping you fans would be able to provide us for 
our weekly 
eNewsletters.  THANKS, Andy.  How about a few of the rest of you helping out??)