Vaughn Wiester's 
"Famous Jazz Orchestra"

"Guest Vocalists/Musicians"

Lisa Webster


Lisa Webster began her studies at Capital University Conservatory of Music in 1980, training in classical music during her freshman year. After a brief hiatus, she returned in 1986 to continue her training, changing her focus to Jazz Studies. With Vaughn Wiester as her friend, instructor and mentor, Lisa’s vocal skills began to blossom quickly. As a result, 

she graduated from Capital with a Bachelor of Arts in Commercial Music degree in 1989.

Her debut began with Vaughn Wiester and his Famous Jazz Orchestra in 1994 and then accelerated to the salsa band Yumbambe’ with Eric Paton until 1998 when she moved to Chicago, IL for four years. Returning in 2002, she reappeared as a featured vocalist with the Famous Jazz Orchestra and then began working with the Standard Time Quintet with Matt Ellis. 

She has appeared at locally around the Columbus club circuit and many
festivals with Matt Paetsch, Tony Bonardi and Shane Willis who
frequently make up her own trio.  She always considers herself privileged to be invited to sing with the fellas of the FJO and its great audiences!!!